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Hello, I am Sanna, 39 years old mother of 2 and I live in Haukipudas, Finland. I work as an HVAC engineer.

My cat hobby started in my childhood, but I got my first cat in 2000. My first cat was the domestic cat Tiitu. I got my first Maine Coon in 2001, which came from the Coonshadow cattery. Wiivi was a great cat, with whom I was once excited about shows (EP&CH Coonshadow Wiivi is showing off at the beginning of the Wiisel logo). I was dreaming of being a cat breeder back then, but the time wasn't right. A few years went by without cats, but then I became enthusiastic about the Animal Welfare Association's substitute home activities and 4 cats got new home through me. However, the Coons have always been close to the heart and the long-standing dream of breeding raised head again. In the beginning of 2019 I got a lovely Sohvi (FI * Blackcurrant Sofie Fatale) from the Blackcurrant cattery, who will delight our family as an neuter.

In the spring of 2019 I went to the Finnish Cat Association's (Suomen Kissaliitto ry) cat breeding course and apply breeder name. Cattery name FI * Wiiselin was registered 23.5.2019 in FIFe. Wiiselin name dates back to this first Wiivi coon and Weasel. Inspired by the success of the Oulu Kärpät (Oulun Kärpät is the Oulu's local Hockey team). Oulun Kärpät = Oulu Weasel's

All breeders probably had a question at the beginning of breeding "Why breed cats?" Personally, I think that it doesn't make sense to just get a female and mate it with a nice looking male and look at the pedigree at 4 generations and find that the same cats don't appear on the pedigree. Then just mate! Too easy, but not far-reaching. Must know the breed better! Where do the coons come from and how the clones and genealogical percentages are affected in the pedigree, etc. Information is available online where you can search for it. And ask to find out more :). Now I feel it's the right time to start. I know enough about breeding to start and that breeding makes sense. And the idea of ​​breeding has become clearer. Of course more education is better always and I'm not ready ever. Eager to learn more!

My breeding goals are for future that Wiiselin kittens will grow into breed-like, healthy and well-tempered cats. Cats are primarily pets.

For Wiiselin Maine Coons I prefer the total inbreeding percentage (COI% = complete inbreeding%) to keep below 10% and the clones <25%. Less is always better in this situation. This is how I try to get the Maine coons gene base expanded in Finland. Most of the coon clone% is 35-40% (What does it sound like if your cat's family is 35-40% from the same siblings?)