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Main Setup   Setup logs
This is the main setup page, here you should setup used directories, it is strongly recomended to change the names of cache, data and may be also photos directories because of security issues. Here you can also change setup password.
This page is called after installing automatically and you have to setup this befor using phpAlbum.
  In this setup page you can enable logging of hits on your gallery, you can also change log file name, so nobody can read this and for example make some exclude-strings so you can ignore some hostnames.
Directories   Cache options
Here you can change passwords, descriptions, and visibility of all directories. You can also just take all photos of one directory and type your descriptions which are then showed in your gallery.   In this section you can delete your cache, may be for old pohots which are no more used, you can also setup if actually cache should be enabled or not.
Photos administrator   phpAlbum.net newsletter.
Here you can upload new photos and administrate the photos directory, for this it is needed that you set up the ftp-server and Photos direcotry on ftp-server variables in main-setup.
If you installed phpAlbum.net with wizard, this should be already setted up and be correct. If you moved phpAlbum main directory, you must also move the directory setting.
WARNING:FTP-Support is not enabled!! You are not able to use admin section.
Ask your provider to enable or install it.
Photo comments and voting   Texts
Here you can setup the aviability and functionality of commenting and voting for your photos.   Here you are able to make changes to rest of text used in application. Now is aviable only basic feture for changing the actual language which is english. But this way you can make your own traslation in every language. Multi language support comes in future.
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