Masterweaver New Beginnings PP, MW 4WD

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Foundation: F2
Color: Red/white (d 03)
From: Manitoba, Canada

Manitoba, Canada; While taking another trip to Manitoba in the fall of 2020, I took Ulysses and his “cousin-brother” home from the same farm at under 4 weeks, simply because they would not have lived another month and I didn’t want to ask George again to keep them for me. Half of George’s barn cats went missing that summer. The coyote (and fisher?) issue was quite serious. Despite some minor set-backs, Ulysses has been an overall good choice for my breeding program. I wasn’t sure about him for the longest time but he really bulked up over the past year! His temperament is exactly like Coyote’s and makes that of a registered Maine Coon look bad, no kidding! He’s an ultra happy, gentle, offensively affectionate clown boy. He gets along with everything that has legs and does not smell, pee or spray. Ulysses’ size is ok and his body and tail are nice and long. His coat is shaggy, easy care but still too bunny like. I favour his strong muzzle, chin and profile but he obviously does need quite a bit of help still with his overall head shape, eye set, body size and other goodies. Trial breedings and further testing will confirm whether or not he is worthy to be integrated into the gene pool of our breed. Hang tight! 

By: Judith Schulz