(Masterweaver) Joy from Waters of Masterweaver. Joy

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Nickname: Joy
Foundation: F1
Color: Blue (a)
From: Lake Superior, Eastern Canada

Lake Superior, Eastern Canada: Joy originates from the Canadian shore of Sault Ste. Marie, where the Saint Marie River connects Lake Huron and Lake Superior.  I feel very blessed to have found her! Joy was chosen for her extremely affectionate temperament, her wonderful coat, overall favourable breed traits and -  last not least -  her perfect health and gums - that’s priority when picking foundation cats! Her parents are unknown which makes her an F1. Joy is ultra affectionate with me, Ulysses and Efren but grumbles with cats she doesn’t know. We integrated her around age 2 which has to be considered. I love ultra perfect temperament but have to remind myself that sometimes with a new foundation cat that wasn’t baby raised you can’t determine the true temperament in the lines until they make kittens. I love her overall balanced type, her facial expression and her superb coat, even though it mats a little. Joy’s weight and size will definitely have to be improved. She sits at around 10 pounds at 2 years of age. Her hips were OFA certified Good. Other health tests are being performed over the next couple of years.