Masterweaver New Beginnings PP, MW 4WD

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Foundation: F2
Color: Red/white (d 03)
From: Manitoba, Canada

Manitoba, Canada; While taking another trip to Manitoba in the fall of 2020, I took Ulysses and his “cousin-brother” home from the same farm at under 4 weeks, simply because they would not have lived another month and I didn’t want to ask George again to keep them for me. Half of George’s barn cats went missing that summer. The coyote (and fisher?) issue was quite serious. Despite some minor set-backs, Ulysses has been an overall good choice for my breeding program. I wasn’t sure about him for the longest time but he really bulked up over the past year! His temperament is exactly like Coyote’s and makes that of a registered Maine Coon look bad, no kidding! He’s an ultra happy, gentle, offensively affectionate clown boy. He gets along with everything that has legs and does not smell, pee or spray. Ulysses’ size is ok and his body and tail are nice and long. His coat is shaggy, easy care but still too bunny like. I favour his strong muzzle, chin and profile but he obviously does need quite a bit of help still with his overall head shape, eye set, body size and other goodies. Trial breedings and further testing will confirm whether or not he is worthy to be integrated into the gene pool of our breed. Hang tight! 

By: Judith Schulz

(Masterweaver) Joy from Waters of Masterweaver. Joy

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Nickname: Joy
Foundation: F1
Color: Blue (a)
From: Lake Superior, Eastern Canada

Lake Superior, Eastern Canada: Joy originates from the Canadian shore of Sault Ste. Marie, where the Saint Marie River connects Lake Huron and Lake Superior.  I feel very blessed to have found her! Joy was chosen for her extremely affectionate temperament, her wonderful coat, overall favourable breed traits and -  last not least -  her perfect health and gums - that’s priority when picking foundation cats! Her parents are unknown which makes her an F1. Joy is ultra affectionate with me, Ulysses and Efren but grumbles with cats she doesn’t know. We integrated her around age 2 which has to be considered. I love ultra perfect temperament but have to remind myself that sometimes with a new foundation cat that wasn’t baby raised you can’t determine the true temperament in the lines until they make kittens. I love her overall balanced type, her facial expression and her superb coat, even though it mats a little. Joy’s weight and size will definitely have to be improved. She sits at around 10 pounds at 2 years of age. Her hips were OFA certified Good. Other health tests are being performed over the next couple of years. 

Coonopry River Songs for Hope (Prairiebaby)

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Nickname: Hazelnut
Foundation: F4
Color: Brownclassic tabby (n 22)

This fabulous girl is a result of a full foundation breeding between Jericho, our F3 full foundation male, and Loretta, an F3 Koontucky full foundation female, owned by Coonopry.
Hazelnut made herself right at home here the minute she arrived. I was not expecting anything else with the temperament of her parents. This girl actually reminds me a lot on Ashanti in her gentle but demanding affection. Hazelnut has stolen my heart with her extremely loving character and her great type, coat and coloring. What a healthy female with perfect gums and teeth.

Masterweaver Creation Song

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Foundation: F2
Color: Calico (f 09)
From: Lake Superior, Eastern Canada

Lake Superior, Eastern Canada: Efren means “fruitful” in Hebrew. She is a precious little jewel from another trip around Lake Superior. I adopted Efren from a private, rural home, a few hundred kilometres away from where I found Joy.  She came from a healthy, repeat litter of 4. Efren has amazing colouring, fairly nice coat quality, a long, square muzzle, decent size and a quiet, uncomplicated  demeanour. I was able to meet and photograph both her parents and a sister from a previous litter. Everyone of them appeared to be very affectionate. I do not like Efren’s head shape, ear set and some other goodies yet, but all this can be fixed along the way, up to F4 or F5. I was admittedly not ultra thrilled about the ticked ghost pattern Efren is passing on to her kittens but since this pattern is commonly observed in domestic and wild cats and also now accepted in our breed standard, I’ve since decided to be excited about this unique trait. Efren had all 50 genes with Optimal Selection negative and her diversity is a whooping 40 %! Hips were rated “excellent”. HCM/PKD test negative in 2021, to be repeated in a couple of years. I kept two of Efren’s kittens from one of my pedigreed males and will be continuing her lines through them.

Prairiebaby River Mercies

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Nickname: Ashanti
Foundation: F2
Color: Blacktortie classic tabby - white  (f 09  22)

Ashanti is an outstanding offspring girl from our two full foundation Maine Coons Prairiebaby River Revival (Franky) and Canada Graceland of Prairiebaby (Canada).

I am more than happy with her appearance and especially her temperament which (I think) almost tops everything I have seen as new foundation in the past.

Ashanti has a lot to offer, considering she is full foundation and only F2. Ashanti has never been sick in her life. She is strong girl with a great immune system and perfect gums and teeth. 

Update 2021: Ashanti’s lines have been distributed into the breed mostly through the mating with Prairiebaby Plowman Spring River PP, at Lykken Maine Coons in Holland.