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This website is made for everyone who wants to learn more about the Maine Coon breed. You will find a lot of information about the breed, it's health and genetics. If you are a new breeder you will find a lot of valuable information that can help you understand more about the breed and responsible breeding.

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It all started out one late night and had nothing to do with the Maine Coon but cats in general, as I said, it was late, I was tired and I read an ad,  about non-registered but pure breed Maine Coon. The price was almost the same as for a purebred and the price for those in silver was a lot higher than the other ones. So here I was tired but angry and just started writing what was on my mind, I guess the fact that I was tired took the edge of the worst, I think the article otherwise should have been a bit too harsh. I published it on my homepage, and then I started to get requests from breeders, first I think was the Swedish page "Cat Status" and then the clubs followed and asked to publish the article. I was asked to write something more so I did, then after a while, I started to write about colors, then the Maine Coon breed, I started to try to explain things more easily so that it would be possible for all to understand those complex questions. And then I had to make a bookshelf on my homepage to collect all the articles. Then finally I decided to register the domain to separate this from my own breeding, and here it is. 

Around the new year 2020, the page got a completely new look, I installed a content management system in order for the page to be multilingual.
Now It's easy to have Maintainers who translate articles to other languages.  

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